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Rancho La Bellota News Letter, May 2017

Hello Everyone, we wanted to check in again and let you know all is well at Rancho La Bellota! Every year we plant over 90 acres of oats and thanks to all the rain we had this year our oats fields are growing fast. In fact, the oats have grown over 4 ft tall. That’s very good news! Raul is cutting and baling with a fury. Old Blue, our trusty Ford Tractor, is working double time this year.


This year we also have a young man from Belgium staying with us at the ranch for a work exchange program. His name is Ian and he’s 22 years old. He and his father were at the ranch with a group from Belgium last year in October for a 10 riding day program. He loved it so much he asked Raul if he could come work for us for 6 months in exchange for room and board. Ian said he didn’t care what he did as long as he had the opportunity to learn, live and work on our ranch. So right now Raul has got him on the tractor cutting oats and preparing for baling. Fortunately, Ian and his family have horses of their own back in Belgium and they also plant oats for their horses so he’s very familiar with running a tractor.
As usual we’re busy with groups coming in almost every weekend, and as always it’s such a pleasure to see friendly, familiar faces and meet new ones too. Right now we’re taking reservations for our annual San Ignacio Lagoon Whale Watching Tour and believe it or not, we have two trips running this year and they’re almost sold out. So if you’re interested please contact us for more information at www.rancholabellota@yahoo.com.
Thats all for now. Raul and I are fine. Working hard as usual. Our pack of Blue Heelers, Agave, Kalua, Rudo, and Botete are doing great. So are the sheep and the horses! The sheep and horses are soaking up the warm sunshine and plenty of grass. The horses are really looking good so when you come for a visit at the ranch they will be ready and waiting to take you on some fabulous rides on the ranch.
And it looks like we’ll have a new addtion to the ranch family soon! My horse Bellota is 9 months pregnant! Yep, and it’s a long story too. Maybe one day I’ll write about it. We’re sure looking forward to seeing the new foal around July. Our son Ricardo, who is also an Equine vet and Surgeon, checked her out with an ultra sound test and manual examination. She’s defiinetely pregnant. Good news! We’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Take care everyone and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the ranch!
Warmest regards to all,
Raul and Caroline

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