Your Hosts and Guides

Raul and Caroline Aguiar have guided people into the most pristine regions of Baja California since 1997. Raul began his personal exploration of his native home, Baja California, as a young man, who, with an adventurous spirit, often visited the places he’d heard of from family members, and other Baja travelers.

During many of these excursions he took various opportunities to visit the places where his ancestors had settled after emigrating from Portugal. The road map began at Baja’s most southern tip in San Jose de Cabo. While some family members remained in Cabo, other moved north to Loreto, and then on to Ensenada where the family’s roots are now firmly established.

His travels up and down the peninsula are also due to his love of the outdoors, and the many years he participated in desert off road racing certainly helped it all go a little faster!

Raul and Caroline were married in 1987, and after that the rest is an adventurous history of exploration with family, and friends. Soon, their recreative, adventures escalated into official expeditions for others like them who appreciated the rugged, natural beauty of Baja California, it’s vibrant history, and it’s immense and beautiful landscapes.

What is it that attracts travelers to Baja? It may be a love of history such as the old missions which were established by ancient explorers, the Spanish Jesuits, or the sea, the timeless mountains, lush pine forests or the desert. Whatever it may be, Raul and Caroline will take you there with knowledge, and wisdom of many years of exploration, and travel on their backs.

Join them on an adventure of a life time. Create the most memorable of memories, and see for yourself the vast, diverse landscape of Baja California, and meet the most hospitable, warm hearted people you may have ever known.

Now, ten years later, at the end of the day, I often sit at the table outside the kitchen and listen to the silence. In front of me, the silhouette of the mountains, their gigantic form gradually disappears as night draws near. The cabins, the vineyards and vegetable garden fade from view, the darkness surrounds me. I hear the hungry, knickers of horses and rhythmic breathing of my dogs as they lay peacefully sleeping at my feet. A few years ago, I never dreamed Raul and I could ever own such a beautiful ranch. Sometimes I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

My vision for La Bellota, was for it to be a place where we could share the happiness this lifestyle has brought us, with other people. Soft candle lit rooms, warm wood burning stoves in the winter time, bright starry skies, horses and the outdoors have a profound affect on people who are frazzled with busy lives. Sometimes it’s hard to find such a place where we can find balance, and inner peace. In the natural world, the world of nature, it´s much easier to let down our guard and be ourselves. I wanted La Bellota to be this place. In my heart of hearts, I knew the profound affect it has on me and how being close to nature has healed me in many ways.

These days it is so important we take time to re-connect with ourself, the beauty of nature, and all it has to offer. I´m proud to say La Bellota has become such a place. It´s become a home away from home for everyone who visits us. People may come to us as strangers, but everyone leaves as family and friends.