Whale Watching Tours
in Laguna San Ignacio

Laguna San Ignacio, located in Southern Baja California, is a main destination, and migratory route for the California Gray Whale. Each year the whales travel 10,000 to 12,000 miles roundtrip from the cold Arctic Seas to their mating, and calving grounds in the warm waters of Mexico. Laguna San Ignacio has become a Gray Whale nursery as mothers are there to give birth, and nurse their young for a period of three months before traveling back up north.

This is a 6 day event, complete with all meals, 2 nights of hotel accommodations (one night on the way down, and one night coming back), comfortable cabin accommodations at Laguna San Ignacio, whale watching activities, roundtrip transportation, and gorgeous scenery in every directions at all times!

The minimum number of participants for this trip is 6, and our maximum is 10.

Artists, painters, photographers, nature lovers, travelers, and Baja Adventurers don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to come up close with the friendly Gray Whales, and gentle leviathans of our seas!

For more information regarding costs and details email us at: rancholabellta@yahoo.com