Baja Peninsular Overland By Rancho La Bellota

Raul and Caroline have spent many years traveling up and down the Baja California Peninsula. They're now offering various exploration trips in Baja for anyone who loves adventure, nature, history and culture! They want to share with you the beautiful places they've visited during the last 30 years. It's a chance to see for yourself Baja California's pristine, natural wonders, its vibrant history, culture and traditions. For more information about these trips please email us at:

Laguna San Ignacio Whale Watching Tour:   7 days

Tour date for 2018:   Tuesday, January 23rd to Monday, January 29th!

Laguna San Ignacio, located in Southern Baja California, is a main destination, and migratory route for the California Gray Whale. Each year the whales travel 10,000 to 12,000 miles roundtrip from the cold Arctic Seas to their mating, and calving grounds in the warm waters of Mexico. Laguna San Ignacio has become a Gray Whale nursery as mothers are there to give birth, and nurse their young for a period of three months before traveling back up north.

This is a 6 day event, complete with all meals, 2 nights of hotel accommodations (one night on the way down, and one night coming back), comfortable cabin accommodations at Laguna San Ignacio, whale watching activities, roundtrip transportation, and gorgeous scenery in every directions at all times!

The minimum number of participants for this trip is 6, and our maximum is 10.

Artists, painters, photographers, nature lovers, travelers, and Baja Adventurers don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to come up close with the friendly Gray Whales, and gentle leviathans of our seas!

For a complete trip itinerary, photos and testimonials from previous trips please visit the drop down menu for Baja Penisnsular Expeditions under Whale Watching Tours or email us at:  for costs,  to register for the trip, and for any questions you would like us to answer.


Tuesday to Monday, January 23rd-29th 2018!

Duration of trip:  7 days


Raul and I will pick you up at the Tecate, Ca. border at 8am.  From there, we’ll drive to the country town of San Vicente, just 1 hour south of Ensenada for brunch arriving in San Vicente at 11am.  After a delicious brunch at Mi Ranchito Restaurant we’ll continue south on a 6 hour drive to the town of Cataviña where we’ll spend the night and have dinner at the comfortable Cataviña Hotel and Restaurant.


After a nourishing early morning breakfast we’ll leave Cataviña and continue south to the qaint and historic town of San Ignacio where we plan to arrive by 2pm that afternoon  In San Ignacio we’ll visit the charming town plaza, and the old mission church which was built in the mid- 1700’s.  We’ll spend the night there and the next morning  we’ll drive 45 minutes to our whale watching destination and Eco-Lodge camp site right on the tranquil shores of the San Ignacio Lagoon where our whale tour guides and hosts, our comfortable cabins, and a delicious lunch/dinner will be waiting for us!


After a leisurely breakfast in historic town of San Ignacio we’ll drive 45 minutes to the lagoon and the Eco-Lodge. Friday and Saturday (days 5 and 6) are dedicated to whale watching, beach exploring, kayaking, swimming, and relaxing beside the beautiful Lagoon of San Ignacio with plenty of photo opportunities in between! There’s also plenty of time for a guided nature walk to the nearby mangroves, and oyster farms.


On Sunday morning we depart from San Ignacio, and head north to the town of Cataviña where we’ll have dinner, rest and spend the night.


Finally, on Monday morning the last day of our journey, we’ll drive from Cataviña (6 hours) back to Ensenada for lunch at the El Charro Restaurant which is well known for it’s traditional Mexican dishes, and then on to the Tecate, Ca., where you’ll walk back across the border, quick and easy right to your car!  We plan to arrive at the Tecate. Ca. border by 5pm.

This trip is all inclusive: Meals, all hotel stays, cabin accommodations, whale watching activities, and transportation to and from Laguna San Ignacio. This also includes gasoline expenses, and our whale guide fees in San Ignacio.

We highly recommend that your passports are up to date and current for 2018!  You will need them when you cross into Mexico for your tourist visas which is an easy 15 minute process. You will need to have them with you at that time.

For costs, and payment information please contact Caroline Aguiar at:    

Take a look at photos, and testimonials from our previous trip!


This trip more than met my expectations.  Caroline and Raul had planned everything beautifully, and we all had a great time.  I was traveling solo for the first time, and that worked out very well.  It was so much fun seeing the mama whales with their babies, and it was exciting to see the males chasing after the females in hopes of mating.  They came so close to our boats, but I never felt that we were in danger from these giants.  The staff at the camp were very helpful as well as safety conscious, and the food was delicious.  It was interesting to see how they managed the environmental issues in this sensitive part of the world.  I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who doesn’t mind modest accommodations.

Marge Bock, San Diego, CA

We had a “Whale of a Time”  on our January trip with Raul and Caroline.  They are great hosts.  One of the highlights for my husband was being driven down the magnificent Baja Coast.  For 40 previous years he had been the driver carrying our family to vacation sites in Baja, thus missing much of the scenery.
At camp, the Casitas were so cozy and warm.  The flannel bedding was so comforting.  Our camp leader was  pleasant, articulate, and so knowledgeable.  Information about the camp was presented well and  it was easy to feel right at home.
Facilities were most comfortable, we even had hot water!  Did I mention that the meals were healthy and nutritious?  The staff at the camp was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.  I’m ready to go again…
The whales, Of course, the main event, weren’t shy with our presence in their sea and behaved completely natural. They came right up to the boats to be petted and ooohed and awed over.  They play under the boats and brought their shy babies to meet and greet.
This adventure with Caroline and Raul was  a not to be missed event.  We loved it and them.
Robert and Mary Jean Altman, San Diego, CA.
“Wow! What a fantastic adventure down the Baja peninsula!  I’ve always wanted to “drive” Baja and was thrilled to do it with two veterans, who knew everything about the geography, the towns, the history, the stories, the people, the food etc.!  To combine the totally spiritual whale experience into the trip made for an unbelievable experience that is hard to put into words. My 1000 photo’s tell the story!the  The beauty of the land and sea, people, the culture and the foods were simply awe inspiring!  I loved it and I really appreciate your flexibility to change the agenda to drive back up the east side, so we could traverse the crazy dirt road across the mountains to the Sea of Cortez. Everything was organized to precision and executed flawlessly! I will see you for the “overlander” trip!  Thanks again!
Craig T. Stevens

What to Expect on this trip, and what will you see?

In early December, the Gray Whales begin their migration south.  From January to April, they are living, breeding, and birthing their young in the San Ignacio Lagoon of Southern Baja California.  It is a guarantee you will see the whales on this trip.  We can’t guarantee you’ll touch one, but they will come very close to the boat. The entire lagoon is a protected area with only a certain number of boats allowed on the lagoon for whale watching at any given time so as not to disturb the natural environment, and breeding areas of the whales.

You will also see the amazing Southern Baja California desert, it’s gigantic Cardon Cactus, the Elephant Tree. The Ciros Tree is quite a sight because they look like upside down carrots.  We will also have a Biologist accompany us on this trip to answer any questions anyone might have about the flora, fauna, and the surrounding area.
Once in the town of San Ignacio, we’ll visit the old mission church which was established in the mid-1700’s, and is still in use today.  There is also a town plaza in front of the church where we’ll take a brief rest before heading on to our camp location.
Expect lots of fresh seafood, and traditional Mexican dishes on this trip.  The entire trip is an experience you won’t want to miss out on, and we hope you decide to join us!

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